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About Me


Hi! My name is Anne Berry, I am an illustrator living and working in Huntington Beach, California. I have been doodling ever since I found paper and pencil, and could get my cats to sit long enough for a portrait. Since then, I studied Design at Orange Coast College, then divided my time between working as a freelance illustrator and a small greeting card company called Bjorkman Bros. I have worked on various projects and with publishers such as David C. Cook Publishing, All Saints Press, Living Faith Kids and more. At Bjorkman Bros, I help create greeting cards for Recycled and Willows. I am a SCBWI member and at the 2015 SCBWI Summer Conference, I won the SCBWI Mentorship Program and the Portfolio Honor Award. I hope to soon have the chance to illustrate the stories that once and still do inspire me. Any tale that is fantastical, whimsical, historical and maybe a little bit scary - and perhaps involves mermaids, if possible. Feel free to contact me on any further information or commissions at